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ResNet: Windows Vista


  1. Turn off/disable Wireless network connection
  2. Set Network connection to AUTO DHCP
    1. Go to Start | Search for "Network" and select Network and Sharing Center | Chanage Network Connection OR Chanage Adapter Settings (located on the left panel)

    2. Right click mouse over Local Area Connection and select Properties
    3. Remove check-mark beside Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
    4. Highlight Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties button

      • Verify that Obtain an IP Address automatically is selected.
      • Verify that Obtain DNS server address automatically is selected.
    5. Click OK
  3. Set Network connection speed and stability
    1. In Local Area Connection window, click the Configure button, continue to Advanced tab

      • If listed: 802.1p Support Set Value to Disable
      • If listed: Speed | Duplex | Media Type or Flow Control - Set Value to Auto, Auto Detect or Auto Sense OR 10BaseT / 10BaseTx /Half Duplex Twisted Pair
    2. Continue to Power Management tab
    3. Ensure Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power is UNCHECKED

  4. Click OK to save changes made and restart computer
  5. Open a current up to date Internet browser and continue to Step Two: Run York Secure Scan.

Windows 7 - Recommended but Optional