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ResNet: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. The computer is turned on, but there is no Internet access. Why?

Q2: The IP address has been released and renewed but cannot connect to the Internet.

Q3: The webpage for ResNet registration keeps on coming up. Why?

Q4: The 60 minutes have elapsed after registration but there is still no Internet access.

Q5: There are plans to move the computer to a new residence permanently. What needs to be done?

Q6: I'm a Seneca Student living on York Campus, how do I get a ResNet service?

Q7: The network connection drops/disconnect any time computer goes to sleep mode.

Q8: ResNet connection is extremely slow

Q9: How do I connect two or more computers to the ResNet jack?

Releasing and Renewing IP connections

For Windows 7

For Windows Vista

For Windows XP

For MAC OS 10.4

For MAC OS 10.5-6